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Perry Ruth

Perry Ruth

Perry Ruth was fresh out of high school and making plans for college. Realizing he needed some kind of job to help in tuition expenses. He found an Oldsmobile dealer in Tulsa that was gung-ho about getting an education and told Perry they would hire him if he could come back in three days and sell him a red pencil. Three days later, Perry made his presentation and the dealer not only hired him, but bought three gross of the red pencils.

Perry stayed on in sales of Oldsmobiles in Tulsa after college and with an Oldsmobile dealer in St. Louis for nine years, has now been selling cars since 1970. Integrity and respect are a priority and Perry prides himself in that fact. Virtually all of his career has been with Oldsmobile and Cadillac with his most recent employment being in sales at Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix. Come in and see for yourself that we don't just promise the most pleasant auto buying experience you have ever had, we deliver.

Natalie O'Neal

Natalie OnealMoving to Arizona from Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1995, Natalie O'Neal, like most others that move to the Valley of the Sun, immediately fell in love with the climate. She also found, and fell in love with the man she would eventually marry. Natalie and her husband have twin daughters. Natalie takes care of the accounting needs at Easy Street Auto Sales and she welcomes all of her friends in for their next vehicle.

Donna Hall

Donna HallDonna Hall is a native of Arizona, having been born and raised in Prescott. She worked for many years as a judicial secretary until moving to Phoenix to work as a secretary for a Federal Judge. Her husband, Cody, had a used car business in Prescott for several years providing her with plenty of experience to the used car business. Donna came to work part-time and enjoys working with the families and friends who have been customers for many years.


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